Boat Flooring

We take boat flooring very serious at DECKadence. In fact, boat flooring is what we do here…it’s ALL we do. That’s because DECKadence Marine Flooring (DMF for short) was started by a seaman who knows not only the sea, and boats, but what he and other boaters need.

After decades of boating with the same old stuff, regular marine carpet, marine mats, and so on, Joel finally did what needed to be done: created something NEW.

That’s where DECKadence boat flooring comes into play. You can’t deny the functionality and style of this product, but since you don’t know much about it yet, we’re going to give you a little background about it.

Our Boat Flooring

deckadence boat flooring

So what makes this boat flooring so special? Maybe it’s that it is easy to install and custom fit it to your boat, or it’s mildew resistance, or that you’ll no longer have items (like anchors) sliding and scratching up your floor. Yes, all of those things are great. But, of course, there’s more.

DECKadence boat flooring is made of a new material (a combination of aerated rubber, resins, PVC treated with UV inhibitors and a secret recipe) that translates to a boat flooring which is easier to take care of (just hose it off), and looks good even when it’s wet. Or even especially when it’s wet!

You and your guests will be more comfortable standing on your boat for hours with this plush feeling marine carpet under your feet.

Other benefits?

Sure, we’ll give you a few more.

This boat flooring won’t catch debris like normal marine carpeting does. Because it has large pores, it is easy to quickly flush out any debris in the carpet, and even difficult items like fish hooks are easy to slide right out.

See even more in this video:

How does this boat flooring stack up to competitors?

Here’s a quick comparison report on our marine carpet vs other variations. Below is what the experts have determined.

Test Type Carpet Imitation Teak DECKadence DMF
Comfort 5 3 10
Durability 3 9 7
Temperature Reduction 4 1 7
Noise Reduction 4 3 8
Anti-Fatigue 5 1 9
Non-slip 6 2 9
Aesthetic Appeal 7 9 9
Maintenance 2 6 7
Repair Ease 5 2 9
Ease of Removal 3 1 10
Versatility 4 3 9
Affordability 8 2 7
Stain Test 1 8 8
Bleach Test 1 3 10
UV Test 4 10 7
Total Score 62 63 126

1 = Poor
5 = Good
10 = Excellent

What customers are saying about our boat flooring

Just a few customer reviews of our marine mat:

marine mat review

“So after watching the DIY videos and reading some reviews about the DECKadence product I decided to make the purchase and give it a try. First and foremost I wanted to commend the customer service at this company!!! I had some questions about the logo application on their product and Joel was there to help. Joel was informative and also encouraged me to just dive in and do the logo myself. I’m so glad I did! It was super easy and turned out great!!! If anybody is intimidated by the DIY aspect, don’t be. The DECKadence material is awesome, its easy to work with and even the novice of handyman could handle it.. Thanks again DECKadence!!!!!!!” – Joe from Northern California


My team and I conducted extensive research in determining the best DECK covering option for our vessel and its operation. Grupo Cleofas a California 501 (c)(3) and the vessel Maria Cleofas has been commissioned to take part along with the US NAVY dolphins to serve as the rescue vessel for the endangered VAQUITA porpoise.

After researching the product for 3 months we determined that DECKadence marine flooring proved to be superior in performance, durability and practicality to any other flooring on the market.

We endorse DECKadence Marine and thank them for their support!” – Guerin Alker


marine mats

“Dear DECKadence, I thought I would send you a testimonial directly from the “horse’s mouth” or in this case my dog’s RUDY mouth. Although he can’t actually speak, in people talk I asked him how he likes our new marine flooring and he said;

Well before when I would ride in my family’s boat I gotta tell ya folks it was “rough”! Slipping and sliding, and getting pretty banged up was what I could expect before DMF. Now I don’t slide all over the deck even on “rough” days! I stay put even sleeping at times, and guess what people DMF is not only good for the sole, but it’s good for pets too!” – Ellen and Dog Rudy