Marine Carpet

DECKadence Marine Carpet is a technologically advanced engineered marine carpeting consisting of poly vinyl and PVC that is treated with UV inhibitors, anti-microbial composites, resins, and a secret recipe that contributes to the longevity and durability of the marine carpet.

No other marine carpet in the industry can compare to DECKadence. The ease of installation, the simplicity of maintenance and practicality are all reasons why our DECKadence engineered marine carpet and our simple DIY option is superior to all others. The DIY replacement is simple fast and will last you a lifetime of enjoyment. deckadence marine carpeting

DECKadence engineered Marine Carpet is designed to look like plush carpeting but it’s not a carpet at all, because DECKadence Marine Carpet is not made from organic substances, it is resistant to mildew, stain and fade. Our product was even given a rave review by

Engineered Marine Carpet

  • DECKadence is anti-slip
  • Protects surfaces
  • Looks and feels great
  • Marine carpet buffers the engine noise
  • DECKadence absorbs the shock from the constant impact of riding
  • You can add logos! Watch our DIY videos.

deckadence marine flooringDECKadence Marine Carpet was invented by a seaman who wanted something better. Joel Bartlett, Navy, Diver, and waterman knows everything about marine/boat flooring, and developed a new alternative in engineered marine carpet.

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