Benito’s Experience With DECKadence Engineered Marine Carpet

12 years ago I bought DECKadence marine for my boat. This was my last chance at trying something durable as I had replaced different kinds of traditional carpet in earlier years. The traditional carpets always breakdown underneath, flatten and get harder and harder to clean. I was replacing them every 1 to 2 years. Well, it’s been 12 years now with DECKadence and all I have ever done is pressure washed it once a year and it’s still like the day I bought it!

Last year I added a swim platform but I bought a similar looking product locally. Soon it was sticky and then it was so dirty that I couldn’t deal with it. No matter what I used to clean it nothing worked. In fact, walking on it made our bare feet dirty. I contacted the supplier and they replaced it but the same thing happened. I contacted Joel at DECKadence and he explained he had heard it all before, and that it was reverse engineered to look like DECKadence. Plain and simple….they cheaped out!

Joel was very sympathetic and helped me with a DECKadence solution. I have never been happier! Thanks DECKadence for sticking to your guns and not altering the ultimate formula in the pvc loop/mat etc world. The old analogy is still true today, you get what you pay for!

P.S. Joel not only answered my call but kept in touch via text on his personal cell. Not many people do this anymore. Thank you Joel & DECKadence!



Vancouver, BC