DIY Videos and Instructions

Do-It-Yourself Videos and Instructions

Our marine carpet and flooring is easy to install on your own. That’s why we’ve created these DIY videos and instructions to take you from the start of your project to the end. It’s easy, and you’ll be amazed to see your boat with DECKadence marine carpet when it’s all done! Visit our Marine Carpet & Marine Flooring shop.

How to Estimate Material

How to Make a Template

How to Seam

How to Install Deck Snaps

How to Install DECKadence

How to Apply Logos

How to Cut DECKadence

How to use your existing boat carpet for your DECKadence template


Seam Instructions


Overspray Quick Fix


Tips on Applying Color


Template Instructions


What about covering up my deck hatches?

It’s easy! Place the EMC directly over the hatches and cover them up; that is unless you can’t fold the DECKadence® Marine Carpet back to access your hatches. Hatches make your deck look sub-divided and smaller. By virtue of the EMC covering the entire deck, it appears bigger and cleaner looking. When you want in, simply fold the EMC over and presto… there’s your deck hatch! If your hatch is in a place that’s not practical to simply fold the mat back, then simply cut around the hatch and use deck snaps to hold the small pieces in place. We’ve done all the hard work on our marine carpet / marine flooring to make sure that everything is easy for you.


DECKadence® Engineered Marine Carpet does NOT require DECK SNAPS. However, if you have an exposed edge such as a swim platform or a skiff platform, or decided you just want to snap it in place, then it really is a snap! There’s a new adhesive male snap (no drilling) out now made by “YKK SNAD”. It is a self-adhesive snap fastener. See our recommendations page for details.